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To the Betta fish rights activists

I have had a betta fish before or three in my day, all of which were placed one at a time into my 5 gallon aquarium with a filter and soft air pump, so as to not frighten them. All three died and didn’t seem to like all the space. While others I know have kept them for several years in a tiny bowl that they can hardly move in. My betta has a good bit more space than the tiny cup they sold me him in. So please get off my back, and let me learn my own lesson.



Meet Demyx, my new betta fish:) #betta #bettafish #demyx

Unfortunately Demyx isn’t going to live a very long or healthy life in that bowl :( Contrary to popular belief, bowls are actually really bad homes for betta fish and keeping a betta in a bowl will lead to its suffering and premature death :(

Betta need at least 2.5 gallons to thrive, preferably 5 gallons. Bigger setups are actually easier to maintain!

In a small bowls like this ammonia builds up too fast and will slowly poison and eventually kill your fish. Fish create ammonia when they breathe and poo, and ammonia is toxic to them. Ammonia can’t be seen or smelled - so water can be crystal clear and still toxic to fish. In a container this small you’d have to be doing twice daily water changes to keep ammonia from harming your fish.

Betta are also tropical fish and require a heater! They need to be at water temperatures of 75-80 degrees - room temperature is too cold for them. Cold leaves them lethargic, sickly and open to other problems. But you can’t safely use a heater in a container this small, so again, I urge you to get him a bigger tank!

You won’t regret it - betta can be such personality filled, zippy little fish when given the room to be! Some studies even say they’re just as smart as other animals, and can feel pain the same way. So please don’t let your little guy suffer - get him a better home!

Betta care sheet

Why bowls and vases are bad betta homes

betta myths debunked

Here’s a cheap 5.5 gallon tank that would be great for your little guy! You just need to also get a heater.

This is a temporary setup. Thanks. Know it all. Lol.

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